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After-sales service



Service philosophy

Chuangli Company takes "Creative Service, Road to Success" as its service concept.

Service strategy

Under the guidance of the new market concept of "integration of technology and sales, integration of sales and services, integration of service and production, and integration of domestic and foreign countries", the company has strengthened the construction of the service system, improved the spare parts service process, and accelerated the training of service skilled personnel. In particular, the technical support for marketing services has been strengthened. The company's technical department and marketing office have integrated operations, and Chuangli has built a unified customer service call center. Consumers purchase consultation, service feedback, and quality complaints can call the company's national unified 400 customer service hotline to obtain high-quality and satisfactory services.

After-sales service

Implement a 24-hour failure handling completion system to ensure that equipment failures are handled as quickly as possible.

After the customer purchases the equipment, we will provide high-quality and timely maintenance services to better ensure the after-sales service and maintenance services of the customer's equipment. To

Service outlets

Chuangli has established a national marketing network and has established hundreds of agents throughout the country to provide users with a full range of marketing services. Chuangli products have covered all provinces across the country.

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